At “Rokanidi” Handicraft Shop, our priority is to make comfortable and well fitting shoes, made to the shape of the feet, designed to last for years and to be easily repairable. Every shoe is made completely by hand using old unique techniques, original patterns and simple handcrafted equipment.

Our shoes follow the natural shape of the foot allowing it to spread out naturally. They are made with a hidden heel (virtually no heel), are curved to fit the arch and designed to provide body ‘s posture and stability. The toes are free to spread into the toe-box, allowing maximum room.

Human feet is unique. That ‘s why, we trace each person’s feet to ensure that the shoes fit precisely to the unique shape of your feet. In most cases even your own two feet are not exactly the same size! Custom shoes ensure the best possible fit for your unique feet.

Our customers prefer our shoes because they fit well and they last for a long time!

handmade leather shoes

The shoes are 100% hand-stitched with waxed thread. Using simple tools and high-quality materials they are hand-cut, hand-punched. We use the finest cowhide genuine leather for the lining too. All our shoes are designed to be long lasting and easily repaired. Each pair is made with love, care and attention.

The cowhide leather we use, is from Italy and it is soft, high-quality, breathable and durable. As a result, the shoe is too lightweight and too soft!

The insole is of high-quality, cowhide, genuine leather. The sole part (hidden heel and outsole) is of extremely soft material, lightweight with good shock-absorbent properties. So, the shoes are very comfortable, anatomic and durable.

Shoes on shelf

Each pair of “Rokanidi” shoes is made always with care and love!

handmade leather shoes


The most important thing of shoe making process is to choose the right shape of the shoe last. Our shoe lasts—which will be later placed inside the completed shoe—simulate the shape of the foot and are used to ensure that shoes provide the desired fit. Shoe lasts shape need to include the rolling motion of the foot during walking and the way in which this motion is subjected to heel high. In the later stages of shoe construction, shoes are built to fit exactly our unique shoe lasts.

Our original patterns are hand drawing, hand cut and hand punched, designed to fit on our shoe lasts. Using our patterns we cut all the parts of our shoes (uppers, insole and the lining)  which are exclusively genuine leather parts. All the parts are hand cut and hand stitched. As we use the force lasting method uppers and insole are stitched together by hand with wax thread without the use of any machine!

Once the previous process is complete, we glue the sole part including heel and the outsole, creating a very qualitative finished product. The shoes can then be laced, and are ready to wear.

From start to finish, it takes several days to complete a pair of “Rokanidi” shoes. Depending on the style of the shoe or particular fitting challenges, the process may take more or less time.

Each pair of “Rokanidi” shoes is made always with care and love!

All our shoes are easily recognizable and you can find it only here or in our shop in Thessaloniki.

So, get ready to get your unique personalized handmade pair of shoes!

The older they get, the more beautiful they become!

handmade leather shoes
leather shoes handmade