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Heart Made Things

Rokanidi is a small handcrafted workshop based in Thessaloniki since 2010. With our passion for high quality shoemaking, we started making hand stitched leather shoes for men and women with the traditional force lasting way.

Shoe parts

High Quality

Using simple tools and high quality materials all our shoes are hand cut, hand punched and hand stitched. Every shoe is made from the finest cowhide genuine leather, whole cow lining leather and hand stitched with waxed thread.

Unique Recognizable Shoes

We use Vibram sole, extremely soft with good shock absorbent qualities and excellent light weight. Each one of our shoes combine style and functionality. They are totally unique, comfortable, breathable and durable. Our shoes are easily recognizable!

Customized Shoes

We give you the possibility to make your own unique customized pair of shoes, by choosing the shoe type, the color of the leathers and the stitch.

Leathers used in shoe making

Long Lasting Shoes

All our shoes as older as they get, become more beautiful!
They can be easily repaired which extends the life of your footwear.

Handmade Pair of Shoes!

So, get ready to get your unique personalized handmade pair of shoes!

Take care of them and they will serve you well for many years! The longer they live, the more beautiful they become!!!