We are Thodoris and Eirini. We live in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our passion to express ourselves through handmade artwork, drove us to create “Rokanidi”, a small handcraft workshop at the center of Thessaloniki in the area of Ancient Roman Market on 2010.

We always love to create with our hands. That’s why, our artwork is full of heartmade different types of goods (like bags, wallets, tobacco pouches, jewllery, textiles bags, e.c.t.). Using different kinds of raw materials, we create very quickly our unique and original style, “Rokanidi style”.

The shoemaking process has always fascinated us. So, we started experimenting on shoemaking techniques and methods. During our search, we met two 3rd generation specialists shoemakers, who taught us an old shoemaking method, the force-lasting hand-stitched technique. That’s how, we got started creating unique leather shoes. Using simple tools and high-quality materials all ”Rokanidi” shoes are hand-cut, hand-punched and hand-stitched. Every shoe is made from the finest cowhide genuine leather, whole cow lining leather and hand-stitched with waxed thread.

Stairs with shoes
Rokanidi Shop

Since then, we have made different types of shoes for different types of feet. We make customized shoes! Our customers choose the type of the shoe, the color of the leather, and the stitch, and we offer them a unique customized, well-fitting shoe. This is our story! That ‘s how we started high quality shoe making! Our customers from all over the world have trusted us, and still trust us.

“Rokanidi” shoes are easily recognizable!
Rokanidi shop window