Payment methods

You can choose one of the payments methods below:

With your credit card: once your order has been completed and if you has chosen the credit card payment method, our website will refer you to the secure form to complete your card details. The transactions are made through Stripe.

Deposit to our ALPHA BANK account:

ΙΒΑΝ: GR0401404090409002002002876


Holder of the account: SKENTOS THEODOROS

In the case of bank transfer, the costumer is responsible for all bank charges.

Once you have completed the deposit in the above bank account, please send the deposit receipt by an e-mail to:

Attention: Please, write your full name when you deposit to the bank account, and the order number as well.

Payment to our store, in case you can take the product from our  place. Applies only to ready-made shoes and to ready-made items. It is necessary to call us before, in order to book the items and to arrange the delivery time.