T-bar Shoes Wing Tip


These T-bar shoes wing tip are for both men and women! The wing-tip detail gives a unique, special style.

Choose among a variety of colors for the leather, the stitch and the sole based on your preference and create a unique, personalized pair of shoes. Choose the Vibram Super-newflex sole for a flatter shoe and the Vibram Clivia for a little bit higher shoe.

Making the combination of the color of the leather (or the colors of the leathers) you prefer and the stitch, you will have your unique pair of shoes. Even you can choose the same color for all the parts, to make a simple color pair of shoes  or you can choose different color for each part of your shoes to make a multicolor shoe. (As shown in the photo below)

If you have any question, feel free to contact us by an e-mail or a phone to discuss the possibilities!

So, get ready to get your unique personalized handmade pair of shoes. Take care of them and they will serve you well for many years! The older it gets, the more beautiful it becomes!

T Bar shoes

shoe parts

Toe box and Quarter :
Heel counter :
Upper :
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Wax stitch :
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